Yoga Dance – “Make You Feel My Love”

It’s been about 9 months since my first Yoga Dance, and now that I am a year older as of yesterday, I decided it was time to try doing another one.  Yoga is such a challenging and humbling practice.  There is always something more to learn, more to grow, more to develop… and yet, we learn in yoga to stay only in the present moment and let go of expectations, competition, or judgment.  We let go of where we’ve been, and let go of where we want to go, and only focus on the “now.”  Every time I step on the mat, it’s a whole new experience.  Some days are wobbly and weak, other days are stable and strong.  And I just accept it, appreciate it, and remember that I am grateful for simply… being on the mat.  I absolutely love it.

Right now, I am in love with the song, “Make You Feel My Love,” by the Glee Cast, specifically sung by Lea Michelle.  Hope you enjoy my yoga dance… one in which you will see me shaking, struggling, and if you listen close enough, grunting.  =)  A big thank you to Jamie Ginsberg, the owner at Marin Power Yoga who was open to doing an impromptu video shoot after I taught my class… sometimes it’s just better unplanned.  =)


Yoga Dance

Is it possible to synchronize yoga movements with musical melodies and lyrics?  I’ve never thought of yoga as a choreographed “dance,” but here is my attempt at trying it out.  By the way, this is the direct result of having a caffeinated beverage (milk tea) after dinner: Creating random yoga dance routines at 3 am.

Note: I chose this song because so many times after introducing myself as a little girl, someone would say, “Oh like Amazing Grace?” and they would start singing. It has a special place in my heart because I’ve known the lyrics for so long, but didn’t really understand the meaning behind the words until 20 years later. I am far far far from “amazing,” but I do appreciate and am grateful for God’s wonderful and amazing graces in my life – giving me second, third, hundred chances, loving me when I didn’t love myself, helping me find a purposeful life, and guiding me day by day. This routine is a blend of everything I love: yoga, dance, choreography, music, and God. Thanks for watching!

A Just-For-Fun Choreographed Yoga Dance Routine

Music: Chris Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” and Pink’s “Try.”