Halloween Pregnancy Costume 2014: Turtle

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Last year, we dressed up as a family around my daughter’s choice of being a “fish” for Halloween, which specifically turned into a “Finding Nemo” family costume theme.  This year, my 3-year-old daughter chose to be a “turtle,” so of course we had to find a way to create a “Turtle” family costume theme.  One factor that makes this year different than any other Halloween is that I am 7 months pregnant… so I began brainstorming how to incorporate my pregnant belly into our costume theme.  I found other pregnancy ideas where people painted their bellies, but I didn’t want to expose my belly to the cold, rainy, weather, and also I’m  not much of an artist!  Here’s what I came up with instead:

1) Find a Green Shirt and Black Outer Layer

I was lucky that I had one green t-shirt, which had now become tight-fitting around the belly.  There were logos on the front and back, but fortunately they got all covered up by my outside black jacket.  I was able to zip the jacket on the top half, and I folded the bottom edges back towards my waist to create an open space to work with.

Halloween Pregnancy Costume Making a Turtle

The first step: finding a tight fitting green shirt and a black jacket that could zip halfway open!

2) Create a Turtle Shell Pattern

The easiest thing I found were sticker felt sheets at Michael’s Arts & Crafts store.  They had many shades of green, but I liked the sparkly ones the best.

Michaels Green Sparkly Felt Sticker

8 1/2 x 11 sticker sheet of green sparkly felt paper.

I only had one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, so I just tried to maximize the space by cutting 6 circles and 1 larger oval (cut in half for the center piece).  I arranged them as symmetrically as I could on my belly to create a turtle shell.

Halloween Pregnancy Costume Turtle Shell

Love these sticker felt sheets. Just cut and stick!

3) Create a Turtle Head, Arms, Legs, and Tail

I also bought a plain green sticker felt sheet which I used to cut out a triangle head, 2 arm flippers, 2 legs, and a small triangle tail.  Get some fun wiggly eyes too!

Green Felt Sticker Sheet Michaels

8 1/2 x 11 green felt sticker sheet from Michael’s Arts & Crafts.

I placed the head at the base of my black jacket, right above the turtle shell, and the two arm flippers on the side flaps of my black jacket.  The two leg pieces fit under my hip bones on my pants, and the tail in the center of my pants.  Again, stickers are awesome.

Halloween Pregnancy Costume Turtle Snorkler Diver

4) Snorkler Finishing Touches

I had our snorkling/diver mask set from last year’s costume, so it was perfect to reuse.

Scuba Diving Snorkel and Mask

Wear black from head to toe, put on the snorkeling set, and place your hands around the belly as if you are “holding” the turtle… and there you have it!  A Halloween pregnancy costume using the belly as a turtle!

Halloween Pregnancy Costume Snorkler and Turtle

Look what I found while snorkeling! A 7 month old (female) turtle!

See the rest of the family dressed up all as turtles here: Halloween Family Costume 2014: Turtles!


Halloween Family Costume 2014: Turtles

Kids Halloween Turtle Costume

3T kids Halloween turtle costume.

Last year was our first time dressing up as a family for Halloween around the Finding Nemo theme.  This year, my daughter wanted to be a turtle so I searched for a cute kids turtle costume.  I always purchase her costume because I have a bad habit of procrastinating until the night before Halloween to buy and make the costumes for the rest of us… and there’s always that chance that my last-minute costume ideas could turn out terribly awful.  So it’s better to be safe and make sure at least my daughter is all set =)

Here’s what I did to make a simple turtle costume for the rest of the family:

1) Find a Turtle Shell

I’m all about spending as little money as possible, so I searched through my kitchen cabinets for some old party platters.  Sure enough, we had an enormous bowl that was used for a salad once that looked like a perfect shell shape.  I’m sure this is pretty easy to find in any supermarket if you don’t have one at home!

Halloween Family Costume Making a Turtle Shell

2) Cover the Turtle Shell

I tried to look for anything in our house that had green fabric, but no luck.  I ended up at Michael’s Arts & Crafts store and they sell T-shirts for $3.99!  I bought a Large Adults shirt to make sure I had enough fabric to cover up the bowl.

Halloween Family Costume Making a Turtle Shell

Duct tape is the best.  Strong and reliable!  I wrapped the T-shirt around the bowl and used the duct tape to secure all the edges.  No one will see the ugly insides!

Halloween Family Costume Making a Turtle Shell

No duct tape on the outside!

Halloween Family Costume Making a Turtle Shell Base

3) Decorate the Turtle Shell

While at Michael’s Arts & Crafts store, I found some glitter felt sticker sheets that would be fast and easy to cut into turtle shell shapes. I bought 2 sheets.

Michaels Green Sparkly Felt Sticker

8 1/2 x 11 sticker sheet of green sparkly felt paper.

I tried to maximize the space and cut out random trapezoids for the turtle shell.  I made 8 trapezoids for the sides of the shells, and 2 trapezoids using the second sheet for the center of the shell.

Halloween Family Costume Making Turtle Shell Shapes

I love that I didn’t need a glue gun.  Just peel off the paper and stick it on!  In fact, my daughter did all the peeling and was able to help me quite a bit since this wasn’t a “messy” project at all!

Halloween Family Costume Making a Turtle Shell

4) Make Shoulder Straps

Something else I found at Michael’s Arts & Crafts store were giant chenille pipe cleaners!  One package was about 6 feet long, which was plenty of length to make 2 shoulder straps.

Halloween Family Costume Giant Pipe Cleaner Straps

I cut the pipe cleaner in half, making each about 3 feet long, and again used my favorite “glue” – duct tape!!!

Halloween Family Costume Making Turtle Shell Straps
Make sure the straps are the right width and length depending on who’s wearing it.  This turtle shell was meant for my husband, so the 3 feet straps worked for him.

Halloween Family Costume Making a Turtle Shell

5) Make a Turtle Head

Something simple and cheap to decorate are visors.

Halloween Family Costume Making a Turtle Head Visor

I bought some wiggly eyes, and cut out nostrils and a mouth using some of the leftover sticker felt scraps to make the turtle head.  Nothing spectacular, but adds a little more to the costume!

Halloween Family Costume Making a Turtle Head and Face Visor

And now the final product:

Halloween Family Costume Making a Turtle Shell and Head

Something simple for adults to wear – just add on some green clothing and you’re all set!

Now my daughter had her costume, my husband had his, and I could have made another set for myself, however, I decided to try and be a little more creative given the fact that I was 7 months pregnant!  Take a look at how I made my Halloween Pregnancy Turtle Costume using my belly as part of the costume!

Halloween Family Costume Turtles

I found a family of turtles!

Last but not least, we couldn’t leave our doggy without a costume while we went trick-or-treating!  Her costume was simple: just a youth small T-shirt and some leftover sticker felt scraps to create a “shell” pattern and some flippers:

Halloween Dog Turtle Costume

Trying to make a turtle shell pattern for our 7 pound dog to wear!

Then I cut the shirt to make it fit my dog, keeping the arm sleeves to tie around her neck, and part of the waist to tie around her belly.  Oh, and don’t forget to cut a hole for the tail!

Halloween Dog Turtle Costume

Happy Halloween!